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Holotome Profile: Mucalin
Base Stats
Attack 3
Defense 3
Type Yama-Titan
Special Ability Intervene
Series Information
Users Zhalia Moon
First Appearance LGS-012

Mucalin is a snake-like Yama-Titan with seven heads much like the Greek Hydra. A similar Titan, Hydramaskar, influenced Aztec mythology where Mucalin influenced Japanese mythology. Mucalin also appears to be related to another orange cobra-like Titan, Slitherfang.


Mucalin has been seen to be used by Zhalia Moon. LGS-012

It fought a Sekhmet Titan alongside Freelancer. However, Sekhmet used one of Mucalin's seven heads to bite Freelancer's arm. OAL-060


Mucalin's Intervene ability allows it to act as a shield for another Seeker or Titan.


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  • Mucalin's appearance and name may be based on the naga named Mucalinda who was said to have risen from the earth and shielded Buddha from a seven day storm with its immense hood .
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