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Holotome Profile: Necklace of Tutankhamun
S2E47 Necklace of Tutankhamun
Artifact Information
Item Type Necklace
Effects Controls the Nullifiers
Source Comet glass found by Tutankhamun
Series Information
User(s) The Betrayer
Rassimov (failed and died)
First Appearance "Rassimov's Secret"
Last Appearance "The Spiral Mark"

The Necklace of Tutankhumun was an ancient magical artifact that could supposedly control the Nullifiers.


The necklace was made from a special green glass, formed when a meteor came to Earth, heating the fine Egyptian sand. The Betrayer used this glass to make the necklace, which eventually came into the hands of Tutankhamun. S2E47

For many years, the Necklace was left in the Tomb of Tutankhamun. Rassimov and Harrison Fears attempted to access the tomb using the Key of Nefertiti but they were intercepted and Rassimov taken prisoner by the Huntik Foundation. The Huntik team then ventured into the tomb and recovered the Necklace. Lok Lambert attempted to scan the artifact on his Holotome but found not data and gave it to Dante Vale to look after. However, after Rassimov escaped, the Necklace was taken by Dante's Solwing in an attempt to give the team time to escape. Solwing was tragically caught and absorbed by Legion, the Legendary Titan of War and the Necklace fell into Rassimov's hands. S2E47

Travelling into space with Void, Rassimov attempted to use the necklace to control the Red Comet, but the Necklace was destroyed and he consequently died. S2E50


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