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Holotome Profile: Nefertiti
S2E47 Nefertiti statue.png
Biographical Information
Relations Tutankhamun (stepson)
Base of Operations Tomb of Nefertiti
Identifying Traits
Gender Female
Series Information
First Appearance "All Work and No Pay" (mentioned)

Nefertiti was an ancient Egyptian Queen and Seeker, stepmother and adviser to Tutankhamun. She was highly intelligent and a great manipulator and possessed a sceptre containing the power Neverlost and a key that unlocked the Tomb of Tutankhamun. The Tomb of Nefertiti is located in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt.


Nefertiti's Sceptre was sealed deep within the Tomb of Nefertiti and protected by a series of deadly traps and riddles thought out by Nefertiti herself. It was eventually acquired by the Huntik Foundation. However, in order to escape the Organization forces, Dante Vale threw the sceptre into a waterfall to allow the team time to escape and it was recovered by Klaus' Suits. However Dante then revealed he had placed a tracking device on the sceptre which would lead them to Klaus' bookshop. S1E15

Klaus later destroyed Nefertiti's sceptre after scanning it and recovering Neverlost. S1E16

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