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Holotome Profile: Newgrange Passage Tomb
S1E13 Newgrange Passage Tomb.png
Location Information
Levels 1
Location Ireland
Series Information
Inhabitants Gybolg (Formerly)
First Appearance "Home Turf"

The Newgrange Passage Tomb is located in Ireland and one of the older burial mounds in the worlds. It served as the resting place for the Titan Gybolg.


Scarlet Byrne theorized that the Irish Seeker Cú Chulainn had to defeat a water Titan or clear a water trap in order to find his Gybolg's Amulet. His Amulet was ev

Years later, Scarlet, with the help of Dante´s team, traveled to Newgrange and managed to locate and bond with this Titan. Gybolg was then invoked to fight alongside Dante's team aginst Klaus' Suits and defeat one of their Bonelasher Titans. S1E13


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