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Holotome Profile: Newlife
S1E26 Sophie Newlife.jpg
Spell Information
Aura Yellow
Class Healing
Series Information
Users LeBlanche
Sophie Casterwill
First Appearance "The Mission"

Newlife is a spell used by members of the Casterwill family to revive Titans that have already been defeated in battle, giving the Titans a second chance to fight.


This spell was used by Sophie Casterwill during her lone stand against the Professor to call back Sabriel and Icarus who had been defeated prior in a battle with Zhalia Moon. S1E26

Newlife also was used by White, one of Nimue Casterwill's guardians, to revive his Titan, Palamedes in the Crystal Caves after he was defeated by Lok Lambert's Lindorm. S2E29

On Avalon, LeBlanche used Newlife to revive Zhalia's King Basilisk and reverse his Stonegaze on Dante Vale and Caliban who had been turned to stone after Divine Mirror Kagami reflected the Basilisk' ability. S2E30

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