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Holotome Profile: Nexus
S2E27 Nexus
Location Information
Type Doorway to Spirit World
Location Peru
Series Information
Inhabitants Eathon Lambert
The Nexus is a gateway to the Spirit World of Huntik, the world from which the Titans originated. The Nexus in Peru is a large, blue colored crystal situated within a cave behind a waterfall.


At some point in his explorations, Eathon Lambert had discovered a Nexus in Peru. In an attempt to evade the Professor and his Suits, Eathon jumped from a waterfall which concealed the cave of the Nexus. Using the power of the Nexus, Eathon escaped into the Spirit World of Huntik, leaving Earth as well as his friends and family behind.

This Nexus was later re-discovered by the Huntik Foundation following the fall of the Professor. Using the ability of Januseea the Gatekeeper, a Meso-Titan given to Zhalia Moon, Lok Lambert was able to speak with a projection of his father. After a while, though, the chamber containing the Nexus began to cave in, eventually cracking and destroying the Nexus, due to Wilder and his two right hand man Stack and Hoffman wanting to take over the Organization. S2E27

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