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"Your friends are not Casterwills, and they are in grave danger."
- Nimue Casterwill to Sophie Casterwill (Cave of the Casterwills)

"The purpose of the Casterwill family, is to ensure that Spiral Mark is never activated. If it is, the greatest evil, the Nullifiers, will return to poison the world."
- Nimue Casterwill to the Casterwill family (Sophie on Trial)

"The life of a Casterwill must sometimes be given for what is good and true"
-Nimue Casterwill to Sophie Casterwill (The Spiral War)

"Sophie deep inside there is something you fear more than Kiel's fire. I saw how quickly you gave up Casterwill leadership, such responsibility, so many lives depending on you. Sophie don't fear your future"
-Nimue Casterwill to Sophie Casterwill (The Spiral War)
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