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Holotome Profile: Nostradamus' Scrying Glass
S2E28 Scrying glass
Artifact Information
Item Type Scrying glass
Effects Tells the future
Translates the Quatrains
Source Salon Museum
Series Information
User(s) Nostradamus
Lok Lambert
First Appearance "The Tower of Nostradamus"

Nostradamus' Scrying Glass is an ancient magical scrying glass that supposedly told him the future. It was placed in a wooden chest, concealed by Nostradamus' Casterwill family illusion powers rendering it invisible to the naked eye, and left in the hidden observatory of the Salon Museum, formerly known as the Seer's Tower.


Nostradamus left his scrying glass protected from plain sight with an illusion power in his tower's hidden observatory, guarded by three Sentry Triclops Titans, concealed by the same power. S2E28

Many years later, Stack uncovered details of the hidden observatory and the scrying glass in the Organization archives. Wilder and his team then arrived at the tower, now the Salon Museum and base for the Huntik Foundation. After taking Peter, Billie and the other operative stationed there hostage, the Organization then ransacked the observatory looking for the scrying glass but were unable to see past the illusion placed Nostradamus. After Dante Vale's team arrives, a fight for the scrying glass took place before the three Sentry Triclops threw the Organization from the building. After recovering the scrying glass, Lok Lambert used it to reveal a new quatrain and send them in the direction of the Willblade on Avalon, along with a message saying "Good luck, Lok". S2E28

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