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Holotome Profile: Michel de Nostradamus
S2E28 Nostradamus
Biographical Information
Group Affiliation(s) Casterwill family
Base of Operations Salon Museum
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Series Information
First Appearance "Doorway to Huntik" (mentioned)

Nostradamus was an ancient Casterwill family seer and one of the most powerful Seekers in the family. He left many prophecies in the form of quatrains for the Casterwills and the Huntik Foundation that would be key in preventing the return of the Nullifiers.


Nostradamus spent many years working in his tower, as a base to conduct his work as a visionary dictating his prophecies of the future in the form of quatrains. He left many artifacts in his secret room including his Scrying Glass with three Sentry Triclops Titans to guard it. S2E28 The accuracy of his prophecies led him to be branded a historical legend however many accused him of being a fraud. S2E28

Many years later, his tower was swept by the Huntik Foundation and converted into a museum. S2E28

After Stack informed Wilder that the Huntik Foundation were investigating Nostradamus' quatrains, Wilder and his team planned to discover the tower's secrets. Unbeknownst to them, Peter, Billie and another female Foundation operative were stationed there. After recognizing Hoffman from their files, Billie and Peter tried to stop the Organization team from accessing Nostradamus' secret room. However, they failed and were taken captive. They were later rescued by Dante Vale's team who, after defeating the Organization, recovered the Scrying Glass which translated the Quatrains and pointed them in the direction of Avalon. S2E28

On the longest night of the year, the Huntik team traveled to Nostradamus' tomb where they found the final prophecies ordering them to fly the Phoenix into the centre of the Spiral Mark and for the Champion of Casterwill to drive the Willblade into the mark to destroy it. S2E49 The prophecy later turned out to have been faked by the Betrayer and instead caused the Red Comet to change course for Earth, bringing back the Nullifiers in the process. S2E50

Sophie used the Cypherdex to find Nostradamus' real prophecy that "the Betrayer fears his own medicine" helped the Huntik team to defeat the Betrayer by literally stabbing him in the back. S2E52


Nostradamus was renowned for his remarkable ability to tell the future which he using a Scrying Glass. He also possessed all kinds of illusion powers, hiding his hidden observatory, scrying glass and Sentry Triclops Titans in plain sight.

Bonded Titans


  • In episode 28 - "The Tower of Nostradamus", Lok is seen sleeping through a documentary on Nostradamus which features his book, "Les Propheties de M. Michel de Nostradamus".
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