Holotome Profile: Organization Central
S1E25 Rassimov Professor Organization central
Location Information
Type Headquarters
Location Prague, Czech Republic
Series Information
Inhabitants Suits
DeFoe (formerly)
Grier (formerly)
Rassimov (formerly)
Stack (formerly)
Wilder (formerly)
First Appearance "Words of Truth, Heart of Lies"
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Organization Central is the principal headquarters of the Organization, located in Prague, Czech Republic. The archives store an impressive array of information and arcane artifacts obtained since the Organization's creation by Simon Judeau in 1959. The Professor would often summon his subordinates to his office, located here, and berate them if they had failed in their missions. Providing accommodation to hundreds of operatives, the HQ also features numerous screen rooms and a highly advanced training gym.


After falling victim to the Curse of the Legendary Titans, Simon Judeau started the Organization in 1959 using the mind control abilities of Araknos in order to speed up his search for a cure. Judeau also falsified the history of the Organization, so as to make it seem as if the Organization had been in existence for years when, in reality, it was a relatively new company. With the creation of the Organization, Judeau donned the alias of the Professor. S1E24

Zhalia Moon infiltrated Organanization Central using the ID of Klaus, in order to find the whereabouts of Simon Judeau before discovering that the Organization's history had been faked. S1E24

After the fall of the Professor, the Organization weakened, with the Huntik team launching a break-in to recover the last known location of Eathon Lambert. Both Wilder and Stack were both alarmed by this as they surveyed the team from a CCTV room and planned to take control of the Organization by defeating the team who had torn it apart. S2E27


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