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Holotome Profile: Otto
Biographical Information
Base of Operations Otto's house
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Series Information
American Voice Actor Wayne Grayson
First Appearance "The Golden Asp"
Last Appearance "To Be Together"

Otto is a desert guide who lives in Mek'ele in Ethiopia. He is an good friend of Zhalia Moon, having worked as a guide for Zhalia while she was a member of the Organization.


Otto later served as a guide to the Huntik team on their quest for the Legendary Titan of Spirit, Tao. After being separated in the Ethiopian desert during a battle with some Suits, he and Zhalia were captured by Rassimov. After falling victim to the Professor and his mind-controlling ring of Araknos, Otto became a loyal undercover agent for the Organization. S1E22 S1E23


Otto is friendly and kind, letting the Huntik team stay in his house and showing off his fantastic cooking. He is also dependable in a crisis, helping the Huntik team escape in his brother's car. He showed bravery in trying to help Zhalia escape the Suits in the desert but also slipped up whilst trying to lie to the Professor that they did not know Dante Vale. S1E22


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