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Holotome Profile: Overlos
The Titan of Will
Base Stats
Attack 10
Defense 10
Type Legendary King source?
Size Colossal
Height 35 feet
Special Ability Dimension Rift
Series Information
Users Lord Casterwill
The Professor
First Appearance "The Mission"
Last Appearance "The Mission"

Overlos is the Legendary Titan of Immortality and is the most powerful known Titan. It is a large Titan with six eyes, a flaming head, golden armor, a shield resembling the Amulet of Will, a spear, and wings. This Legendary Titan can only be invoked in a ritual involving Araknos, Behemoth, and Tao.


Overlos resided in Huntik until summoned in a ritual using the Amulet of Will and the three Legendary Titans. Overlos was the first Titan summoned to Earth, explaining how the Amulet of Will was created and how Lord Casterwill summoned the other Titans. source?

When Lord Casterwill sealed the Legendary Titans, he placed a curse on the Rings of Araknos, Behemoth, and Tao so that Overlos' Amulet of Will had to be worn to prevent being cursed. source?

The Professor, after gaining the Rings of the Legendary Titans and the Amulet of Will from Dante Vale, completed the ritual to invoke Overlos. The evil Seeker attempted to use this Titan to gain immortality but failed due to the interference of Lok Lambert and Cherit. Combining the abilities of Archwarder and Dendras, Lok managed to gain control of Overlos. At the request of Lok, Overlos opened a gate to the Spirit World and took the Professor and the three Legendary Titans of Mind, Body, and Spirit with him. S1E26


Overlos is known to have the power to grant wishes, even that of immortality, to any Seeker who calls upon it. Its Amulet, the Amulet of Will, can protect Seekers from the curse placed on the Legendary Rings, and Overlos has the power to remove this curse from Seekers. Overlos is powerful enough to be immune to the effects of Dendras' ability to control Titans; however, this degree of power makes Overlos particularly susceptible to Archwarder's ability to disrupt powerful Titans. Overlos even has the ability to tear open portals to the Spirit World. S1E26


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  • Overlos' summoning command is "Grant my wishes."
  • Overlos' design inspiration is disputed. He possesses many traits of a ruler, such as his scepter, upturned collar, and gilded raiment. He also resembles a painter with his shield resembling a palette with paint and his scepter resembling a palette knife.