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Holotome Profile: Overslam
S2E31 Overslam
Spell Information
Aura Blue
Class Speed
Series Information
Users Lok Lambert
Wind source?
First Appearance Doorway to Huntik

Overslam is a spell used to increase the power of a Seeker's charge, creating a blue aura in front of the user's body. The casting Seeker can then use this force to push someone or something like a magical battering ram, helping to clear the path. Overslam can also be used to save someone in a moment with a charging leap. This spell is used heavily by Lok Lambert.


Overslam was used by Lok Lambert to push Stack back in a fight with Wilder. S2E27 Lok later attempted to use it on Wilder but disrupted by Wilder's Weakenshade power. S2E30

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