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Holotome Profile: Path of Trust
Mausoleum of Sir Lancelot 4
Trap Information
Class Casterwill Trap
Subject Guarded Amulet of Cavalier
Findshape spell
Series Information
First Appearance "Memory Lane"

The Path of Trust is a test consisting of two rows of green ghosts holding their shields upward.


The Path of Trust was presumably created by the seeker Sir Lancelot to guard the Amulet of his Titan, Cavalier, and the encoded instructions for the spell Findshape. source?

Many years later, Dante Vale and Lok Lambert came before this test. Though Lok attempted to use Kipperin to fly across the room, the ghosts fired beams of energy from their swords to dematerialize the Titan. As a result, Lok was sent falling but was caught by Dante. Before the ghosts could attack Dante, Rassimov covertly used his Titan, Thornment, to halt the attack. After the Foundation duo passed the test, the trap was destroyed by Rassimov's Darkvoid spell. S1E18

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