Holotome Profile: Pellinore
Base Stats
Attack 4
Defense 2
Type Krono-Titan Warrior
Special Ability Deadly Sword
Series Information
Users Mallory
First Appearance "Cave of the Casterwills"
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Pellinore is a Krono-Titan used by Mallory, a Casterwill Guardian of Nimue Casterwill. Donning a red cape, splintered golden armor and a shoulder plate over his left shoulder, Pellinore is a skilled swordsman and hand to hand fighter. He is the brother of White's Titan, Palamedes.


Mallory invoked Pellinore in the Crystal Caves to fight alongside White's Palamedes him in a battle against Lok Lambert, Dante Vale, and Zhalia Moon. Pellinore clashed with Caliban in a sword fight but both decided to challenge each other with fists. Pellinore was knocked out by a hefty punch from Caliban but was rekindled by Mallory's Channelmight power. Pellinore, powered up by the effects of this spell, charged at Caliban, knocking him down, however Caliban struck him in the face with a crystal. Pellinore eventually defeated Caliban and surrounded the team but when the differences were resolved following the arrival of Nimue and Sophie Casterwill, Pellinore was returned to his amulet. S2E29


Pellinore is a strong warrior, a professional mixed fighter with improvised weapons. His favored weapon is the sword that he controls with great power and skill. However he is also highly skilled in hand to hand combat, being able to hold his own against the mighty Caliban. S2E29


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