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Holotome Profile: Pied Pipe
S2E42 Pied Pipe.jpg
Artifact Information
Item Type Pipe
Effects Charms Conquistador into disabling the magical barrier protecting the Hernán Cortés's vault.
Series Information
User(s) Cherit
Hernán Cortés
Pied Piper
Sophie Casterwill

The Pied Pipe is a magical pipe originally used by the Pied Piper.


The Pied Pipe was unlocked after Sophie Casterwill successfully used a flute to lead the Gremlow Titans back to their Amulet. A radiating light from the Amulet changed the flute into the Pied Pipe. S2E41

After the Huntik team was captured by Wilder's team, Cherit was forced to play the pipe, charming Conquistador into letting them in to Hernán Cortés's vault on the search for Umbra. Mid-battle, Cherit dropped the Pied Pipe which left Conquistador uncharmed, causing the team to be attacked by the Titan. S2E42


When playing a child's song, the Pied Pipe is able to charm Conquistador into letting the player into Hernán Cortés's vault of treasures.

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