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Holotome Profile: Polymaximus
Base Stats
Attack  ?
Defense  ?
Type Krono-Titan
Series Information
First Appearance "Island of the Titans"

Polymaximus is a wild Krono-Titan. He appears as a fearsome giant dressed in golden armor.


The Huntik team encountered Polymaximus after crashlanding on a mysterious island inhabited by giant birds. Dante, Sophie and Zhalia were taken prisoner by Polymaximus but were rescued by Lok and Cherit. Upon making their escape, the Huntik team fought Polymaximus. Although Polymaximus overpowered them, he was trapped in a cave-in caused by Metagolem. HC#06


Due to his incredible size, Polymaximus possessed a huge advantage over his enemies. Polymaximus is blind, due to his lack of eyes, but he makes up for his lack of sight with a great ear. However, this also makes him weak to loud sounds, like Solwing's screeches.

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