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Holotome Profile: Prague Central Cemetery
Prague Central Cemetery
Location Information
Type Cemetery
Location Prague, Czech Republic
Series Information
First Appearance Words of Truth, Heart of Lies

The Prague Central Cemetery is located in Prague, Czech Republic, and was a primary location of the mission, The Golem of Prague. The ancient Seeker, Jodis Lore, had a secret base here containing the key to the Golem's Attic on the Road of Alchemists.


Dante Vale, Lok Lambert, and Sophie Casterwill were assigned to search Prague Central Cemetery and were joined by Zhalia Moon.

At the cemetery, the team investigated the tomb of Jodis Lore. By rubbing clay on the tombstone and printing the symbol for 'truth' on the clay, a secret passageway was opened into Jodis Lore's secret base.

Inside, the team found a room with a trapped floor made of two types of clay: a light native clay from the Vltava River and a darker imported clay. When the Organization showed up, Lok inadvertently stepped on a patch of dark clay, activating enchanted pits of clay with magical hands that restrained and pulled down the trespassers.

With the Huntik team incapacitated, DeFoe's Kreutalk retrieved Jodis Lore's Key to the Golem's Attic and notes from the nearby study. However, the Huntik team later were able to create a copy thanks to the imprint left by the key. S1E03.

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