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Holotome Profile: Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba
Biographical Information
Aliases Sheba
Base of Operations Central Desert, Ethiopia
Identifying Traits
Series Information
First Appearance The Golden Asp (mentioned)

Queen of Sheba was an ancient Seeker who reigned in Ethiopia. She had a forbidden romance after falling in love with King Solomon but the pair could never be together.


According to Otto, during the Queen of Sheba's reign, the once powerful city of Axum was founded. S1E22

Sheba eventually fell in love with Solomon. According to Tersly, she gave King Solomon a gold mine where many his treasures were stored, including the Ring of Tao, the Legendary Titan of Spirit. Lok used Sheba and Solomon's forbidden romance as a way of explaining his feelings for Sophie Casterwill and saying he didn't want them to end up never being together. S1E23


The extent of Sheba's abilities is unknown but she left three colossi to guard the mines.

Bonded Titans

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