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Holotome Profile: Qwitonn
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Biographical Information
Base of Operations Carpathian Mountains
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Series Information

Qwitonn was a crazed 1st century Seeker known only as Qwitonn. He became obsessed with Jokoul Titans, and he traveled the continent collecting every Jokoul Amulet he could find. As he grew older, Qwitonn became a hermit living in the Carpathian Mountains. He was recorded as having twice visited a nearby village wearing his collection of Jokoul Amulets and little else.

After Death

The Jokoul Titans were nearly forgotten after 2,000 years passed without a single discovery of a Jokoul Amulet. Once a very common and sought-after Titan, the sudden disappearance of seemingly every Jokoul was a great mystery. The Professor solved this mystery when he uncovered a cavern deep within the Carpathian mountains containing dozens of active and angry Jokoul Titans. After a five-day battle with the horde of Jokoul Titans, the Professor distributed their Amulets among his most loyal Suits.

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