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Holotome Profile: Rahman
Biographical Information
Group Affiliation(s) The Organization
Identifying Traits
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Series Information
First Appearance "Cerberus"

Rahman is a former Organization operative. He bears the symbol of an ankh on his right arm.


Rahman fought against Lok Lambert, Sophie Casterwill, Cherit and Zhalia Moon while they tried to find the location of the Amulet of Cerberus. After a tiring fight, Rahman formed an uneasy alliance with them but was soon double-crossed by Zhalia.

Rahman was then betrayed by Dr. Benway who attempted to execute him and Dante Vale. However, the pair soon worked together to beat the Organization and recover the amulet. Dante was unable to bond with Cerberus so gave the amulet to Rahman in order to call off Cerberus's attack on the team. HM#14


Rahman is a powerful Seeker and relies mainly on the Hecto-Titans of ancient Egypt. He was able to return Cerberus to his Amulet something what even Dante couldn't. HM#14

Spells Utilized

Bonded Titans

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