Holotome Profile: Raijin
The Thunderbolt
Base Stats
Attack 3
Defense 2
Type Yama-Titan Scout
Special Ability Deadly Shock
Series Information
Users Lok Lambert
First Appearance "Doorway to Huntik"
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Raijin the Thunderbolt is a blue-skinned Yama-Titan swordsman with electrical power. His elf-like appearance and long, green hair give him a similar appearance to that of Kunoichi, a female Yama-Titan. Raijin's Amulet is under the ownership of Lok Lambert.


Lok obtained the Amulet of Raijin the Thunderbolt sometime after the defeat of the Professor and prior to the discovery of the Nexus. Raijin was invoked in Peru to defeat a Venomaster and a Gigadrone summoned by Wilder's Suits. S2E27

Raijin was later invoked in the battle against the Betrayer at the Spiral Mark in order to fight Demigorgan. Raijin was sent back to his Amulet by a copy of Lok Lambert conjured by Demigorgan's ability. The copy of Lok then took Raijin's form and attacked Lok but was destroyed by Powerbonded Pendragon's Energy Sword Breath. S2E52


Raijin the Thunderbolt can control lightning and electricity. He can ride upon electricity to fly and transport his Seeker or other people. He can also use his power over electricity to send out bolts of lightning to stun his enemies before finishing them off with his curved sword. His high attack power makes either of these attacks difficult for the enemy to endure.


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  • Raijin's summoning command is "Finish them off".
  • Raijin the Thunderbolt is based on Raijin, a god of lightning, thunder and storms in the Shinto religion and in Japanese mythology.
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