Holotome Profile: Rassimov
Rassimov (Blood Spiral)
Biographical Information
Group Affiliation(s) The Organization (Formerly)
Blood Spiral
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Yellow
Series Information
Italian Voice Actor Dario Penne
American Voice Actor Maddie Blaustein (S1)
Marc Diraison (S2)
First Appearance Divide and Conquer
Last Appearance The Spiral Mark
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Rassimov was the leader of the Blood Spiral and was a terrifyingly powerful and cunning Seeker. He worked undercover as the Professor's lackey in order to gain more power as he was planning with other Blood Spiral Leaders, such as Wind and Shauna.


Rassimov was a ruthless seeker with a hidden agenda, which became apparent after he fell into one of his own traps on purpose. There, he met up with his family in the Blood Spiral Brotherhood, who had been planning revenge on the Casterwill family. S1E26 Based on his intense hatred for the Casterwills, he was believed to be connected to the Nullifiers whom Casterwill defeated. He was physically strong and possesses a command of dark spells and Titans, making him a match for Dante Vale's whole team. source?

After the Professor´s defeat, Rassimov began searching for new menbers for the Brotherhood and sending his minions to hunt the Casterwill family, while he talked with the Betrayer on his throne. He later tries to betray the Betrayer and Rassimov dies after an attempt to control the red comet with the Necklace of Tutankhamun S2E50


From the beginning, Rassimov was a very loyal follower of the Professor. In the Organization, he was known for completing all of his missions successfully, Professor even called him the perfect operative, stating that he had successfully completed over a hundred missions without failure. His cold personality and cruel demeanor made Rassimov a force to be feared. He later revealed that his loyalty was merely a facade and that he was actually a member of the Blood Spiral Brotherhood. It was partly due to his actions that the Professor lost in battle. But even so, Rassimov thought of obtaining power only for himself, and then he betrayed the Brotherhood, leading to his own downfall.


S2E47 Rassimov Thornment Darkfog

Rassimov and Thornment

The spells Rassimov generally favored were based on obliteration and consigning things to nothingness along with other powerful Blood Spiral spells. S1E18. He also displayed a talent at hand to hand combat, being able to overpower Dante in battle.

Spells Utilized

Bonded Titans


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