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"Rassimov's Secret"
Season 2, Episode 47
S2E47 Facing Legion
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"An Ally from the Organization"
"Back Home"
Production Information
Air date May 22, 2012
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Series Information
Mission The Eye of the Storm
Locations Siberian Plateau
Valley of the Kings, Egypt
New Information
Titans Legion
Powerbondings Powerbonded Ariel
Spells Powermark
Items Key of Nefertiti
Necklace of Tutankhamun
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Dante takes the Huntik team to see his old enemy from the Organization, Grier. Because of his respect for order, Grier dislikes Rassimov and the Blood Spirals. He leads them to the Professor's castle to get Organization data on Rassimov. Dante and Grier fight side-by-side to finish Wilder's group for good and complete the mission.


Now possessing Rassimov's file, Dante, Lok, Sophie and Den plan to capture Rassimov. Harrison, now taking the place of his master Tantras accompanies Rassimov on a mission to Egypt and, after a brief battle with unnamed Suit 030 and the Organization agents stationed there, they recover the Key of Nefertiti and head to to the Tomb of Tutankhamun where they are ambushed by the Huntik team. While Rassimov is arrested, Harrison escapes and after the team discover a strange artifact, Harrison helps Rassimov escape. Rassimov invokes his deadly Legendary Titan, Legion and the team realize that not all of them will be coming home.



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