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Holotome Profile: Red Comet
S2E50 Red Comet
Object Information
Object Celestial Body
Series Information
User(s) Blood Spiral
First Appearance "?"
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The Red Comet was a comet which gave a lot of power to the Blood Spiral, and it can only be seen by Seekers. S2E38 It also served as a beacon for Nullifiers, signaling the re-emergence of the Blood Spiral. S2E31 If it hits the Spiral Mark, it would bring the Nullifiers back.


Lok unwillingly changed it course to Earth when he struck the Willblade in the sealed Mark, after being led by the false quatrains to think that doing so would stop the return of the Nullifiers. When Rassimov tried to take the power of the Red Comet for himself, it killed him. It was stopped later by Dante Vale using Copykind on both Maelstrom and Phoenix. S2E50

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