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Holotome Profile: Red Searcher
Red Searcher.jpg
Base Stats
Attack 2
Defense 2
Type Yama-Titan Scout
Size Small
Height 2 feet
Weight 61 pounds
Special Ability Clone
Series Information
Users Dante Vale
The Organization
First Appearance "To Be Together"

Red Searcher lacks significant combat powers, but he is among the most adept trap finders in the Titan world. With his magically enhanced vision and sensory abilities, traps, secret doors, enchantments, and hidden treasure are revealed to the Seeker controlling him.


Dante Vale and Tersly both have a Red Searcher in their possession. They used them together to look for traps when journeying through King Solomon's Mines. S1E23

Tersly invoked his Red Searcher to help search for the Lodestone. When Den Fears poked fun at it, Lok Lambert joked that he might have hurt its feelings. Red Searcher was forced to return to its Amulet due to the anti-magic field surrounding the Lodestone. S2E44

Pairs of Red Searcher Titans are deployed by the Organization in order to scout ahead. OAL-026


Red Searcher's enhanced vision allows it to detect traps and other hidden objects with ease. It also has the ability to fly using its bat-like wings.


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