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Holotome Profile: Ring of Arc
Arc Ring.jpg
Artifact Information
Item Type Ring
Effects Cursed
Contains Arc
Source Forged by Lord Casterwill
Series Information
User(s) Joan of Arc
Lok Lambert (cursed)
Sophie Casterwill
First Appearance "Crawling the Catacombs"

The Ring of Arc was a legendary artifact containing the Legendary Titan, Arc and which was responsible for Joan of Arc's immense power. The Ring is under a curse so that anyone who touches it suffers from intense visions of the future and of the past.


Joan of Arc possessed this Ring and thus received visions. After her death, it was left in the Paris Catacombs portion of the French Catacombs, and Joan of Arc left a map leading to it in the secret base in the Cavern of the Gargoyle. It was protected by a series of traps including the Knights of Arc's Inner Circle.

Upon finding the Ring, its curse caused Lok Lambert to experience frightening visions when he tried to take it from its pedestal in the Paris Catacombs. Sabriel's sword was shown being destroyed. S1E05 This vision foreshadowed the destruction of her Amulet at the hand of the Professor. S1E26

Sophie, however, managed to seal the curse for thirty minutes using Banebound. The seal placed upon the Ring stopped the curse for around 30 minutes before the curse broke the seal. In the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Clements informed the team that the Huntik Foundation would try and find a way to break the curse and attempt to discover anything inside.

Later, when the Huntik Foundation gained control of the Ring, it was moved to a Huntik Foundation Safehouse. Now in Huntik Foundation custody, it was then contained within a Reliquarium at the Cathedral of Notre Dame. S1E06


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