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Holotome Profile: Rings
Umbra Ring.jpgQuetzalcoatl Ring.jpg
Artifact Information
Effects Summons Legendary Titans
Source Forged by Lord Casterwill
Series Information
First Appearance "Divide and Conquer"

Rings are powerful artifacts which have the same abilities as Amulets. Like Amulets, they contain Titans and allow them to pass between Earth and the Spirit World of Huntik. Much more powerful Titans are contained within rings than in normal Amulets, and all known rings shown contain a Legendary Titan.


In ancient history, Lord Casterwill forged the Amulets and Rings in order to battle and the Nullifiers, finally defeating them after a 500 year ordeal. At some point after this conflict, the Rings were sealed away so that only powerful Seekers would be able to uncover these powerful artifacts.

Having been hidden for thousands of years along with the Amulets, the Rings of the Legendary Titans have been considered an unobtainable prize by generations of Seekers. The Huntik Foundation struggled against the Organization and later the Blood Spiral for these Rings.

Once the Ring of Araknos was disturbed by Simon Judeau, the Titans contained within both Rings and Amulets began to awaken with increasing frequency. Under the title of "the Professor," Simon formed the Organization in order to seek out the Rings of the Legendary Titans in the hopes of gaining world domination and a cure for the curse of the Legendary Titans in a single blow. Though the Huntik Foundation uncovered the Rings of both Behemoth and Tao, they were taken by the Professor who lied to Dante Vale about also wanting to cure Metz.

After the Rings of Araknos, Behemoth, and Tao were sent back to the Spirit World upon Lok Lambert's command to Overlos, a new group of Rings were uncovered with the return of the Blood Spiral Brotherhood. These Rings, once owned by Lord Casterwill and given to his children, were said to be the only means of defending the Earth against the revival of the Nullifiers.