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Holotome Profile: Rippleburst
S2E38 Kiel Rippleburst Marduk Den.png
Spell Information
Aura Yellow
Class Stream
Series Information
Users Blood Spiral members
Organizaton members
First Appearance "The Secret of Two Generations"

Rippleburst is a high-power Seeker spell that creates a powerful stream of yellow energy. This spell is so powerful that it can be used to defeat Titans such as Sabriel.


The Professor used Rippleburst on the rooftop of Dante Vale's house whilst attacking Lok Lambert. S1E24 He later used it on Sophie's Sabriel, after she refused to return to her Amulet, thus destroying her, apparently for good. S1E26

Hoffman used the spell in the Salon Museum to knock out Annette. He later used it in Nostradamus' hidden observatory at Salon Museum to defeat Sophie's Feyone. S2E28

In Mexico, Kiel attacked Dante Vale using Rippleburst but he countered it with Touchram, resulting in a small explosion. S2E38


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