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Holotome Profile: Riverjaw
Base Stats
Attack 3
Defense 4
Type Meso-Titan
Size Large
Height 2.87m
Weight 160kg
Special Ability Lazy
Series Information
First Appearance SAS-068

Riverjaw is a Meso-Titan that resembles a green-skinned crocodile whose body is garnished in jewelry and carvings that symbolize her Aztec heritage.


Riverjaw was known to the Aztecs as a territorial river spirit who prefers to lie in wait for her prey to come to her. SAS-068


Riverjaw is a strong swimmer with powerful jaws, as befits a crocodile. However, she prefers to wait for her prey to come to her, and is therefore slow and reluctant to move. SAS-068

Design History

Rough Sketch

Riverjaw is a crocodile-themed Titan. Because we already have another crocodile-themed Titan (Ammit Heart-Eater) in the world of Huntik, we wanted to make Riverjaw different enough that people wouldn’t confuse the two. Ammit is a big squat Egyptian Hecto-Titan, so we made Riverjaw a sleek Aztec Meso-Titan and decorated her back and bracelets with Aztec-style carvings. This sketch looked a little too much like our first sketch for Ammit’s card, so we asked the artist to change her angle so the cards would look different.

Pencil Sketch

Quite a change! Now you can definitely see the detail in her items, and her jaw is obviously longer and more graceful than Ammit’s ugly mug. One subtle but important difference between the two reptilian-themed Titans is their eyes—Riverjaw has large human-like eyes, while Ammit’s are red and mean.

Final Art

Adding color to the picture really makes a difference, and now there’s no way brown-colored Riverjaw could be mistaken for green-gray Ammit! The jungle and building in the background also have a very Aztec feel to them. They’re pictured to show that she’s on her home turf.


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  • Concept art and information on her design history was located at It was unlocked by using the code Raypulse14.
  • Riverjaw is based on the Aztec water monster Tlaltecuhtli. Her name was changed to Riverjaw because Tlaltecuhtli is just too hard to say! And speaking of the Aztec empire, the Aztecs lived in Mesoamerica (what is now Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala), so it makes sense that Riverjaw is a Meso-Titan.