Holotome Profile: Ropetrick
S2E45 Ropetrick
Spell Information
Aura Yellow
Class Restrictive
Series Information
Users Dante Vale
Eathon Lambert
Lok Lambert
First Appearance The Golden Asp
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Ropetrick is a spell used to manipulate pieces of rope and is manifested through a yellow aura. This spell is highly versatile and can be used for tying knots, binding enemies, or saving falling allies.


This spell was used by Eathon Lambert to help Simon Judeau save Metz from falling into a pool of liquid hot magma. S1E25

His son, Lok Lambert used this to distract an Enforcer S1E22 and to tie up Wind. S2E45.

Dante Vale used Ropetrick to tie up a group of Silent Soldiers. S2E39


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