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Holotome Profile: Sea Freelancer
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Base Stats
Attack 3
Defense 3
Type Draco-Titan Warrior
Size Average
Special Ability Defender
Series Information
Users Mermen
First Appearance "The City of Atlantis"

Sea Freelancer is a Draco-Titan used by the Mermen of Atlantis and is the Atlantian equivalent of the Titan Freelancer. Instead of shiny steel, this Titan's shell is made of resistant coral and wields an indestructible-looking spear stained with rust if it has laid at the bottom of the sea for a millenium.


In an alternate version of events in Lok's quest for the Amulet of Will, Sea Freelancer was invoked by the Mermen in Atlantis to fight against Lok Lambert's Freelancer when the Huntik team embarked on the Test of Prowess. Realising the Titan was just a copy created by the test, Lok ordered his Freelancer to attack Sophie, thinking it would cause the Sea Freelancer to attack his master. This failed however and Lok was forced to stop his Freelancer from hurting her. Lok then ordered his Freelancer to attack him which caused the Sea Freelancer to also turn on his master, stabbing him, and causing them both to disappear into smoke. The City of Atlantis


Sea Freelancer possesses similar abilities to his Titan counterpart and is a battle-ready, defensive warrior, armed with long, resistant spear.


  • In the Italian gamebook, Sea Freelancer is called Freelancer del Mare.
  • As The City of Atlantis is a gamebook and based on the episode Coming of Age, Sea Freelancer's role in the Test of Prowess is exclusive to the book and is the result of an alternate turn of events based on the decisions made by the reader.