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Seekers are people who can control Titans or utilize spells. Once a Seeker has a Titan's Amulet or Ring, that Titan can be summoned to fight at that Seeker’s side. Seekers who have collected Amulets can also learn how to use magical powers that make them stronger than any regular human. When a Seeker bonds with a Titan, they are capable of summoning that Titan for as long as they possess its Amulet (although a Seeker can give the Titan's Amulet to another). Once the transfer has occurred, the new bond allows that Seeker to summon the Titan, as when Dante Vale gave Lok Lambert a Freelancer Amulet. S1E02

The power source of a Seeker is their will, which dwells in their heart and their mind. Their will is what allows a Seeker to cast spells and invoke Titans. While most Seekers learn their spells and powers from ancient tomes or artifacts, basic spells such as Boltflare can be mimicked.

The first Seeker, Lord Casterwill, used the Amulet of Will to bring the Titans to Earth. Seekers usually discover their abilities by bonding with a Titan; from the moment they bond, they become targeted by the Organization and the Huntik Foundation, who attempt to recruit them (the Organization for power, and the Huntik Foundation for friendship and learning).

Some people are raised to be Seekers; Sophie Casterwill is an example of one such Seeker, having been trained from birth.

Seekers also have the special ability to cast spells, their knowledge of which is improved through practice and study. Seekers have to be constantly vigilant and focused as they require perfect concentration to control both their powers and the Titans.

According to Zhalia Moon, great power often comes from regal blood, as with Joan of Arc. Many Seekers are descendants of ancient royalty of some sort. S1E05