Holotome Profile: Sentry Triclops
Sentry Triclops
Base Stats
Attack 10
Defense 8
Type Litho-Titan Sentinel
Size Large
Special Ability Precognitive Dodge
Series Information
Users Nikola Tesla
First Appearance The Tower of Nostradamus
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Sentry Triclops is an extremely strong Titan used by powerful Seekers as a guard for their secrets. These three-eyed Titans are large, golem-like Litho-Titans which possess immense offensive and defensive capabilities. Nostradamus left three of them at the Salon Museum to guard his tower's secret room, and Zhalia Moon fought one in Nikola Tesla's workshop in the past.


A Sentry Triclops Titan was fought Zhalia Moon in Nikola Tesla's workshop. She found that they were almost impossible to hit. S2E28

The Huntik team later encountered three Sentry Triclops Titans in Nostradamus' tower of Salon Museum. Although the members of the Huntik team were able to see the Titans, the members of the Organization were not able to due to Casterwill magic which Nostradamus had cast over the room. While attacking the Organization members, the members of the Huntik team dodged a joint Shadowknife attack sent by Wilder and Stack, making the spell hit the Sentry Triclops Titans instead. The Sentinel Titans became aggressive towards their attackers and threw the Organization team out of the tower's windows. S2E28


With an attack power of 10 and a defense power of 8, this Titan is strong enough to challenge even a Legendary Titan. His ability, Precognitive Dodge, permits the Titan foresee an attack, dodging an attack before an enemy Seeker can cast a spell or call a Titan to attack.

While these abilities on their own make Sentry Triclops more than a force with which to be reckoned, Nostradamus managed to cast a Casterwill spell on his own Titans to make them become invisible to those with ill intentions. This made the Sentry Triclops Titans not only be strong and able to foresee attacks but also be able to attack while unseen.


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  • Sentry Triclops' name comes from sentry, the prefix tri- , and the Greek word ops, meaning eye. As such, the Sentry Triclops is a three-eyeed guardian Titan. Sentry Triclops may also be based, in part, on the cyclops of Greco-Roman mythology. Several other franchises have similarly created three-eyed creatures known as triclops.
  • In the Italian version, Sentry Triclops is called Triclope Sentinella.
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