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Holotome Profile: Shadowlock
S2E52 Dante Shadowlock
Spell Information
Aura Violet
Class Restrictive
Series Information
Users The Betrayer
First Appearance "Dante's Return"
Shadowlock is a high level restrictive spell, only been known to be used by the Betrayer. A purple aura is shot from the user's fingers. It then emanates into a victim's back, surrounding them in the purple substance, rendering them immobilized.


The Betrayer uses this spell whilst attacking Harrison Fears with Shocklash. The power was able to maneuver itself around Harrison's Stormshield power and paralyze him from behind. The Betrayer later cast a Doublespell version of the spell to paralyze Lucas Casterwill and Sandra Lambert. Whilst fighting Dante Vale, the Betrayer used the spell on him. However, Dante was able to resist the power long enough to grab the Betrayer, allowing Lok Lambert to plunge the Willblade through the Betrayer's back, defeating him. Folllowing his demise, Harrison, Sandra and Lucas were released from the spell. S2E52


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