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Holotome Profile: Shauna
Biographical Information
Group Affiliation(s) Blood Spiral
Base of Operations Blood Spiral Base
Identifying Traits
Gender Female
Hair Color Teal
Eye Color Red
Series Information
First Appearance "The Secret of
Two Generations
Last Appearance "Lok and the Betrayer"

Shauna is a member of the Blood Spiral as one of the members of the Blooded Circle alongside Wind under Rassimov. She particularly has an axe to grind against the Casterwill family, desiring to destroy Sophie Casterwill.


Shauna and her brother, Rassimov, have had family disputes with the Casterwill family spawning from the centuries-long conflict between the Casterwills and the Blood Spiral. Shauna and Wind were called by Rassimov to ambush Dante Vale's team to obtain the Amulet of Will and Eathon Lambert's journal for him to give to the Professor. After knocking out Sophie Casterwill who she reluctantly left breathing, she overpowered Lok Lambert, taking their prize. S1E24 She was later waiting in a dark hall for Rassimov when purposely fell into one of his own traps. S1E25

Shauna returned with Wind and the Blood Spiral at Klaus' bookshop to recover Void. She attacked the Huntik Foundation and Organization and defeated Stack with ease. After seeing Lok has obtained the Amulet, she snatched from him and left with the Spirals. S2E32 Shauna and Wind took part helping Tantras in recruiting new members for the Brotherhood. They later fought Dante Vale on the Erasmus Bridge but were incapacitated by his Stopglue power. S2E33

Shauna attempts to finish Sophie

Wind and Shauna later attempted to recover the Ring of Phoenix from Phoenix Volcano, however they were delayed by the anti-magic field of the Lodestone. S2E44 After Dante's team destroyed the Lodestone, they launched a surprise attack on Wind and Shauna using their newly restored powers. Shuana was taken captive but managed to escape using her Fireport spell. After a tumultuous battle, Shauna attempted to finish off Sophie but was stopped when she dived into the lava, causing the volcano to erupt. Shauna and Wind hastily made their escape. S2E45

On the longest night of the year, Shauna brutally punished Harrison Fears for speaking during an audience with the Betrayer. She later grew suspicious of Zhalia Moon who attempted to pass on the details of the Spiral Mark location to Dante Vale. S2E49 Although surprised by her brother´s betrayal and death, she fought against the Huntik Foundation and the Casterwill family when they reached the Spiral Mark. S2E50 During the final battle, she defeated White and Mallory with ease but was defeated when Vivian Casterwill summoned Mythras. S2E51


S2E45 Shauna 5.png

She is not one to be described as "delicate." Shauna is angry, bitter, and determined. She will get the job done. However, her determination is sometimes clouded by personal issues. She often has trouble fighting the urge to stamp out Sophie Casterwill, as opposed to following her objective. This was demonstrated right from the moment she was introduced in The Secret of Two Generations she was shown to have trouble controlling her temper when her brother told her and Wind that there would be a Casterwill among the enemy.

Shauna respects her brother's wishes albeit with some reluctance. If it were not for him, she would be completely feral. Her loyalty to the Blood Spiral is stronger than her bond with her brother, she callously remarked following her brother's death, after he revealed his true motives, "serve[d] him right". S2E50 She also seems to have some respect for her partner Wind although it is unclear whether she has the same feelings he seems to have for her. S2E45


Shauna invokes Ash

Shauna is extremely fast, very strong, and quick of mind. As a member of the Blood Spiral Brotherhood, she has access to a multitude of the powerful Blood Spiral spells such as Newfury, a spell she seems to favor. S2E32 Among her Titans, Shauna can call on Ash to attack the opponent and evade attacks while the strongest Titan in her possession is Lilith the Queen. S2E45 She easily defeated the combined efforts of Lok Lambert and Sophie Casterwill, and according to Lok, Shauna is even faster than Rassimov. S1E24

Spells Utilized

Bonded Titans


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  • Shauna's name is the feminine form of the name Shaun, which means "Jehovah's gift" or "Jehova is gracious" in Irish.