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Holotome Profile: Shocklash
S2E51 Betrayer Shocklash 3.png
Spell Information
Aura Red
Class Stream
Series Information
Users The Betrayer
First Appearance "Lok and the Betrayer"

Shocklash is a high-level spell utilized by the Betrayer that creates a powerful stream of red energy. The sheer impact of this spell can be used to force back the enemy in addition to causing significant damage. It is powerful enough to defeat powerful Titans like Jericho, despite his ability to absorb energy-based attacks.


The Betrayer used this spell to launch a surprise attack on Lok Lambert and send him hurtling off a cliff edge. He later used it attack Zhalia Moon, blasting her back and rendering her unconscious. S2E51

The Betrayer later used the spell to attack Zhalia again only to be intercepted by Harrison Fears and his Jericho Titan. However the spell sent Jericho back to his Amulet and Harrison used Stormshield to block it. The Betrayer later hit the newly-resurrected Dante Vale with the spell, throwing him to the ground. S2E52


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