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Holotome Profile: Silver Hunter
Silver Hunter.png
Base Stats
Attack ?
Defense ?
Type Meso-Titan beast
Size Average
Special Ability Track
Series Information
Users Professor Rickman
First Appearance "Mission to Skara Brae"

Silver Hunter is a Meso-Titan tracker favored by Professor Rickman. With silver fut and razor sharp fangs, it possesses exceptional hunting abilities.


Silver Hunter was summoned by Professor Rickman at Skara Brae to hunt down the Huntik team. HM#10

Rickman invoked Silver Hunter in to attack Dante in Quimper Cathedral. After defeating Dante's Solwing, it fought against Caliban who was sent back to his Amulet by Rickman's spell. Silver Hunter knocked Dante to the floor but was turned to stone by King Basilisk before he could finish him off. HM#11

Rickman summoned Silver Hunter in the underwater city of Ys, to hunt down Dante, but it was defeated by Dante's Metagolem. HM#12


Silver Hunter is a ferocious hunter who pursue its prey with great speed and agility. It can jump great heights and attack with formidable spirit. Its fangs and claws are incredibly sharp and can rip an enemy to shreds.


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