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Holotome Profile: Sir Lancelot
Ghost Trap
Biographical Information
Relations Guinevere (lover)
Group Affiliation(s) Casterwill family
Knights of the Round Table
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Series Information
First Appearance "Memory Lane" (mentioned)

Sir Lancelot was a powerful Seeker who was head of one of the main Casterwill family branches. In ancient times, he searched for the Holy Grail.


Sir Lancelot was an ancient and powerful Seeker and a member of the Casterwill family. During his time, he served as the head of one of the family's main houses. He was searching for the Holy Grail, and he had to prove that he was worthy through a series of tests. However, he failed the test in the end by falling in love with Guinevere, who was already the wife of King Arthur.

Sir Lancelot was bonded with Cavalier, and, when he died, he left behind this Titan and scrolls about the Amulet of Will and Casterwill powers. After his death, a Ghost Trap bearing his image was left to guard his mausoleum. S1E18


Sir Lancelot was himself a trained warrior and a powerful Seeker whose powers protected his sanctuary for century's even thought it was inside a major city. Along with access to powerful Casterwill spells and Cavalier, a mighty warrior Titan. S1E18

Bonded Titans


  • Sir Lancelot is based on Sir Lancelot of the Lake, a figure in Arthurian legend who was retroactively added into the lore by the French several centuries after the original tales of King Arthur.
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