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| defense = 4
| defense = 4
| type = [[Hecto-Titan]]
| type = [[Hecto-Titan]]
| size =
| size = Large
| ability = Squeeze
| ability = Squeeze
| users = [[Mr. Steel]]
| users = [[Mr. Steel]]

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Holotome Profile: Slitherfang
Base Stats
Attack 5
Defense 4
Type Hecto-Titan
Size Large
Special Ability Squeeze
Series Information
Users Mr. Steel
First Appearance SAS-048
Slitherfang, the serpent from the Nile, is a snake-like Hecto-Titan that combines attributes of the boa constrictor with those of a cobra. His rival is the Sun-based Hecto-Titan, Ra-Tet. This Titan appears to be related to another cobra Titan, Mucalin.

History Edit

Slitherfang once attacked Lok Lambert, trapping him by constricting him with his body. SAS-048

Slitherfang was later summoned by Mr. Steel. SAS-095

Abilities Edit

Slitherfang is a highly dangerous Hecto-Titan due to its great size, its cobra-like venom, and its ability to constrict its enemies like a boa.

Gallery Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • This Titan is likely based on Apep, or Apophis, a snakelike demon of the underworld and the greatest enemy of Ra.
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