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Holotome Profile: Sophie Casterwill
Sophie Casterwill.jpg
Biographical Information
Relations Unnamed parents
Lucas Casterwill (Brother)
Group Affiliation(s) Casterwill family
Huntik Foundation
Base of Operations Venice, Italy
Identifying Traits
Gender Female
Hair Color Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color Green
Series Information
Italian Voice Actor Perla Liberatori
American Voice Actor Rebecca Soler
First Appearance "A Seeker Is Born"

Sophie Casterwill is the best friend and classmate of Lok Lambert whom she seems to like more than just a teammate. She particularly enjoys reading books, and has an excellent memory for myths and legends. As one of the last surviving nobles of the Casterwill family, she has been raised from birth to be a Seeker. Though not initially a member of the Huntik Foundation, she forged an alliance based on the need to fight evil. When talking gets nowhere, Sophie Casterwill uses powerful attack and defense magic along with Sabriel, an elegant Titan that favors speed over brawn.


Young Sophie and her bodyguard Santiago after the destruction of her home

Sophie Casterwill was born into the mysterious Casterwill family and, as such, is one of the descendants of the first Seeker, Lord Casterwill. As a young girl, her parents were killed at their home in Paris by the Blood Spiral arsonist, Kiel. S2E38 She was rescued by her bodyguard Santiago who brought her to a Casterwill warehouse where she was raised by the caretaker LeBlanche. S2E39

They eventually moved to Venice where she attended attended Venice Preparation Academy, though was unaware that she had sat in front of Lok Lambert for three years. While at Lok's dormitory, she and Lok discovered a secret journal belonging to Lok's father, Eathon Lambert. S1E01 Due to Lok's inability to pay, Sophie used some of her family fortune to hire Dante Vale of the Huntik Foundation to investigate the disappearance of Lok's father, Eathon, and to train herself and Lok as part of the Foundation. S1E02

When the Prague Huntik Hotel was attacked by the Organization's Suits, the team was joined by Zhalia Moon, of whom Sophie became suspicious. When the team follows a clue from Eathon Lambert's journal about Metagolem, Sophie helped them to gain access to Jodis Lore's tomb by smearing clay on the tombstone and inscribing the symbol for truth. S1E03

When the team decided to take a vacation at at the Lambert family's house, meeting Scarlet Byrne caused Sophie to become jealous. As they joined Scarlet on a mission to the New Grange Passage Tomb and had to protect Scarlet from the Organization's Suits, Sophie had to work together with Scarlet. S1E13

On a mission to the Castle of Vlad Dracul, Sophie realized Zhalia's betrayal of the team and faced off against her former teammate. Despite her prowess, Sophie was defeated; however, as Zhalia was about to deliver the final blow, Lok leapt in between the two and managed to stop the fight. S1E17

After following a clue about the Ring of Tao from Eathon Lambert's journal to King Solomon's mines in Ethiopia, Sophie and Lok had to dress as King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba and express their true feelings for one another. S1E23

During the final battle against the Professor, Sophie suffered a great loss when her loyal Titan and lifelong friend Sabriel sacrificed herself to protect Sophie against the Professor's Titans, resulting in her Amulet being destroyed. S1E26 As a result, following the Professor's defeat, for a time, Sophie felt weak and useless to the team, particularly due to being unable to hold her own against Wilder and his team on several occasions. S2E27 S2E28 However, in the Crystal Caves, Sophie found her strength when Sabriel returned to her through Powerbonding and she recovered the Amulet of her sister, Sorcerel. Here, Sophie also discovered that she was a direct descendant of the original Lord Casterwill. S2E29

After recovering the Willblade from Avalon, the team attempted to research it at the Casterwill Library. However they were attacked by three Seekers, one of whom was revealed to be Lucas Casterwill, Sophie's brother whom she had believed to be dead. Initially conflicting with one another, Sophie proved herself to Lucas by recovering the location of Void from The Organization. S2E31

Sophie faces her past and takes on Kiel

Whilst trying to recover Medusa on Medusa's Island, Sophie was horrified to come face to face with Kiel, the man who burnt her home and killed her parents so many years ago. S2E35 Due to her fear of fire and traumatic memories of Kiel, Sophie was unable to stand up to him, until, finally, after bonding with the Legendary Titan of Valor, Mythras and inspired by the sacrifice of Nimue Casterwill, Sophie managed to find the courage to defeat him, avenging her past and taking control of her future with leadership of the Casterwill family. S2E40


S1E02 Sophie.png

Sophie is a book-smart, athletic, honorable, and clever young lady of about Lok's age. She acts quite proper and mature due to her status as a member of the Casterwill family, and she thus has a lot of confidence in her own skills and fighting abilities, which she isn't afraid to put to use. She is usually one of the first to provide criticism, sometimes unfairly, and has a competitive streak, disliking finishing after someone else, such as when Lok managed to beat her at a puzzle prior to their mission to find King Basilisk's Amulet. S1E09

Despite her sometimes egotistical personality, she is compassionate towards her teammates and included Lok in the deal she made when hiring Dante Vale. S1E02 She even expressed concern that Zhalia would demean herself as a part of her rationale to betray the team for her adoptive father, Klaus. S1E17

Sophie was deeply affected by the loss of Sabriel, and led her to feel weak and useless to the team. S2E29 Her confidence also began to falter upon encountering other members of the Casterwill family, particularly her lost brother, Lucas Casterwill. S2E31 After mastering the Legendary Titan of Valor, Mythras, and playing a pivotal role in stopping the Blood Spiral's assault of the Fortress of Iron Will, she regained her confidence. S2E40

Sophie also developed severe pyrophobia, or a fear of fire, upon her realization that Kiel, a member of the Blood Spiral, killed her parents in an arson attempt. S2E38 She eventually overcame this fear once she bonded with Phoenix, the Legendary Titan of Rebirth, by diving into the heart of a volcano. S2E45


Sophie uniquely summons Powerbonded Sabriel from her hand

Sophie is quite the student of magic and utilizes offensive and defensive spells in combat, although she also knows spells specialized with dealing with traps. She is also a book-learned expert in much of the ancient history of the world of Seekers. As a member of the Casterwill family, she also possesses the innate ability to sense magical energy. As result of Powerbonding with Sabriel, whose Amulet was destroyed, Sophie is able to uniquely summon her directly from her hand. S2E29

Spells Utilized

Bonded Titans


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  • According to Ask Guggenheim, Sophie is 15 years old.
  • The show's artistic director, Simone Borselli, revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair that Sophie's appearance was inspired by that of the movie actress, Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • The name Sophie is the French form of Sophia, which means "wisdom" in Greek.