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Holotome Profile: Sorcerel
Base Stats
Attack ?
Defense ?
Type Draco-Titan Sorceress
Size Average
Special Ability Flight
Powerbonding Stats
Attack ?
Defense ?
Special Ability Honorforce
Series Information
Users Nostradamus
Sophie Casterwill
First Appearance "Cave of the Casterwills"
Powerbonding "The Spiral War"

Sorcerel is a magic-orientated Draco-Titan who specializes in spell casting, ranging from offensive magical blasts to defensive force barriers. With her golden helmet and long flowing pink hair, her appearance resembles that of an ancient sorceress. Sorcerel is now a primary Titan of Sophie Casterwill alongside her combat-bred Titan sister, Sabriel.


According to Casterwill family legend, Sorcerel came to Earth with her twin Titan, Sabriel. S2E29

In the 17th century, Sorcerel was used by the Casterwill Seer, Michel de Notre Dame, better known as Nostradamus. Due to the close bond between Sorcerel and her Seeker, she became a Powerbonded Titan. HM#17 When Lok Lambert and Sophie Casterwill were sent back in time to the 17th century by the Legendary Titan of Time, Kronos, they were attacked by Viktor Casterwill and Michel, who invoked Powerbonded Sorcerel. After fighting against Powerbonded Baselaird, the two Titans defeated one another. HM#17

Sorcerel's Amulet was eventually laid to rest in the Crystal Caves. S2E29

Sophie was tasked with obtaining Sorcerel's Amulet from the Crystal Caves by Nimue Casterwill as a test of her allegiance to the Casterwill family. After being worn down by Nimue's Undine and Coralgolem Titans, Sophie was succeeded in passing the test thanks to the return of Sorcerel's sister, Sabriel, now in Powerbonded form. Sophie was then able to invoke Sorcerel who swiftly defeated Coralgolem. S2E29

Sophie invoked Sorcerel in the Casterwill Library in France to fight against Lucas Casterwill's team. After defeating Lucas's Feyone, Sorcerel was defeated by Lane's Wildwood Druid. S2E31 On the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, Sophie called on Sorcerel to fight two Harlekin Titans summoned by Tantras's orphan recruits. S2E33 Sophie used Sorcerel to assist Powerbonded Baselaird against Freelancer, Ironsquire and Hoplite Titans that had been possessed by Arc, the Legendary Titan of Fate. After Lok used the Willblade to destroy Ironsquire's shield, Sorcerel was able to defeat it with a magical blast before being called back to her Amulet. S2E34

Sophie invoked Sorcerel to fight alongside Lok's Ironsquire against magical fear creatures whilst on a test to find Mythras, the Legendary Titan of Valor. Due to being outnumbered, Sorcerel was defeated. S2E39

When Sophie Casterwill was fighting against Kiel, she Powerbonded with Sorcerel, thus regaining her strength to fight Kiel. The newly empowered Sorcerel fought off the attacks of Kiel and his Titans, Vulcana and Balenpyre. After defeating Vulcana, Sorcerel was defeated defending Sophie from Kiel's Enderflame power. S2E40

Powerbonded Sorcerel was invoked by Sophie in the Castle of Vlad Dracul to fight against Harrison Fears' significantly strengthened Powerbonded Antedeluvian. After forming the Triple Truth Shield with Powerbonded Sabriel, this was hindered when Sabriel was sent back to her Amulet by Harrison's Drybite power. After Dante's Ignatius defeated Antedeluvian, Sorcerel was called back to her Amulet. S2E43


Sorcerel, like the name implies, has powers oriented towards magic and not the martial arts like her twin Titan Sabriel. Sorcerel can create magical barriers and utilize strong magical blasts which are strong enough to send a Coralgolem back to its amulet with only two hits. S2E29 Sorcerel is also capable of flight, unlike Sabriel. S2E33


Sorcerel powerbonded with Sophie during her final battle with Kiel. Her appearance changed subtly, gaining a golden trim on her robe and a decorative golden headdress. She gained stronger magical blasts and force fields, and some new abilities:

  • Honorforce - creates a reflective magical barrier to return attacks back to the enemy. This ability is proven strong enough to return three high-powered attacks from Kiel, Vulcana and Balenpyre all at once. S2E40

When used together with Sabriel and Sophie, they can activate the Triple Truth Shield, a defensive barrier that protects all three of them and knocks back enemy forces. S2E43


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  • The summoning command for Sorcerel is "Join us."
  • Sorcerel's name is a corruption of the English word "sorcerer," which is a term for a spell caster.