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Holotome Profile: Spiral Demon
S2E34 Spiral Demon
Trap Information
Class Warrior
Subject Guarded The Betrayer
Series Information
Users Arc
First Appearance "The Legendary Titan of Fate"

The Spiral Demons were creatures concocted by Arc, the Legendary Titan of Fate, in Sophie Casterwill's dream, to attack the Casterwill family. As minions of the Betrayer, these insidious monsters appear to be grotesque hybrids of the Marauder and Black Scarabese Titans.


Sophie encountered an army of Spiral Demons whilst trapped in the dreamworld created by Arc, in which she found herself as leader of the Casterwill family. They crawled up the walls of the tower before the dream transferred them to a chess game between Sophie, and the Betrayer. After dispatching LeBlanche, the Spiral Demons moved closer to Mallory, White, Dellix, Lane and Santiago. In an attempt to save her family, Sophie stormed the chessboard, kicking back as many Spiral Demons as she could, however this caused the whole board to collapse, with everyone on it falling to their doom. S2E34


With the upper torso of the Titan Marauder, the Spiral Demon possesses two blades. Its lower torso of the Black Scarabese allows its to effectively climb up walls with ease, as they did the Casterwill compound, and siege enemy defenses. S2E34


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  • The Spiral Demon was not named onscreen but are called as such in their official concept art.
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