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Holotome Profile: Spiral Mark
S2E52 Spiral mark
Location Information
Location Siberia
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First Appearance "Words from Eathon"

The Spiral Mark, located in Siberia, is where the Nullifiers were sealed beneath a large symbol of the Blood Spiral by Lord Casterwill. It can only be re-activated when stabbed by the Willblade, combined with Void, and with Phoenix flying up above, on the longest night of the year while the Red Comet is on the sky.


After Lord Casterwill defeated the Nullifiers, he sealed them in the Spiral Mark using the Willblade of his elder daughter. S2E50 After his death, his best friend, later known as the Betrayer, tried to open it again with Void on the longest night of the year. Casterwill's children defeated him and from there on the Casterwill family's purpose was to never let it open again. S2E31

Lok Lambert and Sophie Casterwill, however, activated the Spiral Mark by mistake, having been led to think that Willblade would prevent Nullifiers from returning to Earth, though this was planned by the Betrayer himself eons ago. S2E50

Even though Dante Vale destroyed the Red Comet, the Betrayer revealed that he could actually use his own powers to open it and bring the Nullifiers back. S2E51 Lok invoked two Legendary Titans, Quetzalcoatl and Pendragon, to defeat Demigorgan. After stabbing the Betrayer through the Spiral symbol on his back, the Betrayer disintegrated and the Mark sealed once again. Though the Betrayer was seemingly defeated, the Spiral Mark appeared to still be active. S2E52


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