Holotome Profile: Spirit World - Huntik
Spiritworld gate
Location Information
Type Alternate Dimension
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Inhabitants Titans
The Professor
Eathon Lambert
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The Spirit World, or Huntik, is the dimension from which the Titans and the Nullifiers originated. When a Titan's Amulet is permanently destroyed, the Titan is banished back to Huntik. If a Titan remains out of its Amulet when its Seeker dies, if and the Titan runs out of energy, the Titan may also be returned to the Spirit World. The primary remaining means of bridging between Huntik and Earth are through summoning a Titan via an Amulet, through using Overlos' ability, or through a Nexus, a gateway to Huntik.


The first Seeker, Lord Casterwill, summoned the Titans from the Spirit World by forging the Amulet of Will, in order to defeat the Nullifiers. S1E14

When Eathon Lambert was being hunted down by the Professor and his personal guard in Peru, Eathon escaped into Huntik through a Nexus hidden by a waterfall. S2E27

During the confrontation against the Professor, Lok Lambert gained control of Overlos from the Professor, commanding the Titan to return himself, Araknos, Behemoth, and Tao to Huntik. Unfortunately, Araknos had used its Spidershot to latch on to the Professor, dragging him into the portal to Huntik as well. S1E26

The Huntik team later discovered the Nexus. Using the ability of Januseea the Gatekeeper and the Holotome found with Eathon's possessions in the Professor's castle, they were able to communicate with Eathon to learn what had transpired ten years prior between him and the Professor in Peru. S2E27

Lok again was able to contact Huntik and to speak with his father upon falling into an Inter-dimensional World while exploring Tír na nÓg. S2E48

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