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Holotome Profile: Stone Sage
Stone Sage
Base Stats
Attack 2
Defense 2
Type Krono-Titan
Special Ability Translocate
Series Information
Users Lok Lambert
First Appearance OAL-046

Stone Sage is a Krono-Titan whose appearance is that of a grey stone humanoid that can manifest from stone walls. A Stone Sage's Amulet is in the possession of Lok Lambert.


Lok once used a Stone Sage Titan to help him and Cherit escape a maze. OAL-046


Stone Sage can use his Translocate ability to locate people lost in really large areas such as a maze or a labyrinth. He also gains strength through the fewer options his Seeker has.


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  • Stone Sage is based off the Sage, wise philosophers that were prominent in Ancient Greece.
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