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Holotome Profile: Stopglue
S1E16 Stopglue
Spell Information
Aura Green
Class Restrictive
Series Information
Users Dante Vale
Sophie Casterwill
First Appearance "The Bookshop Hunter"

Stopglue is a spell that creates a stream of a sticky, glue-like substance. As such, this spell can be used to render enemies or objects immobile without actually causing damage.


This spell was discovered by Cherit on a scroll in the secret laboratory under Klaus' bookshop. After Dante Vale read this scroll, Dante used Stopglue to imprison unnamed Suit 027's Enforcer and unnamed Suit 028's Bonelasher. Shortly after, the spell was used to impede Klaus' Brahe and then to secure a bookcase to block the team's escape. S1E16

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