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Holotome Profile: Stormflare
S2E40 Volcana Kiel Balenpyre Stormflare.png
Spell Information
Aura Orange
Class Stream
Series Information
Users Kiel
The Betrayer
First Appearance "The Spiral War"

Stormflare is a fire-based spell used by members of the Blood Spiral. The spell acts much like a magical flame-thrower coming from the user's hand, producing a beam of orange fire.


This spell was used by Kiel during his final battle with Sophie Casterwill at the siege of the Fortress of Iron Will. He used it alongside Vulcana and Balenpyre's flame blasts, but the attacks were redirected by Powerbonded Sorcerel's Honorforce ability. S2E40

Rassimov later used it during his final fight with Dante Vale, however it was dodged by Dante who used Copykind to fire the spell back at him. S2E50

The Betrayer used Stormflare during his fight with Dante Vale. S2E52

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