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Holotome Profile: Stormshield
Spell Information
Aura Violet
Class Protective
Series Information
Users Harrison Fears
First Appearance "The Unseen Guide"
Stormshield is a defensive spell that creates a purple sphere around the caster to withstand offensive spells and Titans. Favored by members of the Blood Spiral, it can also be used to redirect incoming spells away from the caster.


Stormshield was used by Rassimov at the Temple of Poseidon to defend himself against a joint attack from Sabriel and Lindorm. S1E20

In Venice, Italy, Tantras used the spell to redirect Dante Vale's Touchram, destroying the shutter of a nearby window. S2E36

Harrison Fears used the spell outside the Tomb of Nefertiti to deflect a Raypulse from one of Klaus' Suits. S2E47

During the fight against the Betrayer, Harrison used the spell to try to protect Zhalia Moon against the Betrayer's Shocklash. S2E52


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