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Holotome Profile: Sunhawk
Base Stats
Attack 2
Defense 6
Type Meso-Titan
Size Large
Height 3.35m
Weight 17kg
Special Ability Airlift
Series Information
First Appearance SAS-049

Sunhawk is a winged Meso-Titan that is a cousin of Solwing. It is among the strongest of the bird titans and is strong enough to lift other Titans into the air.


Much larger and stronger that its cousin, Solwing, Sunhawk is renowned for being able to lift a large Titan like Breaker as if it were a toy. SAS-049


Sunhawk possess enormous strength and can easily lift Seekers or other Titans with its Airlift ability.


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  • Sunhawk is based off the Thunderbird, a legendary being of power and strength from Native Amercian lore.
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